Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Safety of Larry Essay Example for Free

Safety of Larry Essay Morton resolves to leave the potentially violent playground because he reasons that the other man is very unreasonable and that engaging this man in any further dialogue would yield nothing beneficial. The father also seeks to ensure the safety of Larry his son far from the haughty taunts of the troublesome Joe. After the second reading. What does the narrator know about the wifes thoughts and feelings that is important to understanding the ending? The story’s narrator is aware that the wife senses a debilitating feeling of defeat and inadequacy whenever she faces a situation whereby unreasonable behavior triumphs over sensible behavior. These sentiments make the wife to be unsatisfied with Morton’s act of submissively leaving the troublesome father and child. The wife thus thinks that her husband is inefficient in agitating for his rights. She thus repeats the derisive ‘You and who else? ’ statement that the arrogant man utters in the park. What do you think this incident means to the wife? To the wife, injustice is depicted as trampling over justice according to the events that transpire at the park. Moreover, her husband demonstrates that he is weak and defenseless through is action of choosing to ignore the other man’s taunts. What other things do you notice? After analyzing the actions of the various characters, I have noted that Morton is a sensible and refined man who would not get involved in a physical confrontation just for the sake of it. Rather, he depicts a mature personality that allows him to have adequate patience to put up with the unreasonable mean’s behavior. What questions do you still have? I am not sure whether Morton really avoids being involved in a physical tussle with the other man just because of the silliness of such an action or because he fears being physically hurt by the obviously bigger man. Conversely, the wife’s actions are not clear as to whether she treasures violence or harbors violent tendencies.

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