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Baroque and Rococo Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Baroque and Rococo - Essay Example Baroque art style in the renaissance period was inspired by the idealism while Rococo art style was inspired by the 18th Century political changes in France. After the idealism of the Renaissance in c.1400-1530, there was need for a more relaxed lifestyle, which could only be achievable through artworks. Idealism brought into existence some nature of mannerism to the people by c.1530-1600. Therefore, Baroque art adopted during this period to emulate liberal thinking of the people as per the idealism. Baroque art style above all reflected the religious tension during the Renaissance epoch. Notably, this artistic style expressed in painting the desire of the catholic church of Rome to reassert itself at the wake of protestant dominations. This attribute makes Baroque art style more affiliated to Catholic Church . In appreciating the beauty of ancient architecture, the Bible says, â€Å"The work is great; for the palace will not be for a man but for the Lord God†. In this contect , David meant that a Temple was as equal as a Palce. Additionally, Baroque was the uttermost synonymous art style with the Counter-Catholic Church Reformation art of the Renaissance period. The Rococo art style, on the other hand, reflected a political and moral life relaxation. Newly adopted Rococo art style imitated political changes in France as a new style in art. The Rococo style was presented as an intimate, decorative and erotic art style in the Renaissance period. Rococo decorative art, in summary, emphasised on pastel colours.

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