Tuesday, October 29, 2019

Create a Popular Culture Artifact Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Create a Popular Culture Artifact - Assignment Example I would like to incorporate some popular culture elements in my website. As I said, I would include the shopping option using virtual shelves and windows displaying costumes that the e-consumer would like to buy after going through the catalogue and put into his shopping cart. He would be able to pay online using his credit card or any payment website like AlertPay or Pay Pal. Second, I would like to include the option of chat. The consumers will be able to have an online chat with the designers and other fashion-savvy consumers. I will also include blogs from the visitors of the website along with news about the upcoming events in the fashion industry. The website will have animations and colorful layout. I would also add the option of joining a favorite designers’ group at facebook by providing a link to the facebook page where the e-consumers would be able to join that group, become a fan of a specific designer, comment on his designed accessories, and view his collection. The visitors will be able to contact a designer through my website and place orders by explaining what type of costumes or accessories they want. I will include videos and podcasts about the fashion shows and events happening in the fashion industry. People will be able to download these videos and podcasts onto their media players. I will also give space to fashion advertisements and sponsors that will help people further explore the fashion world. I will be using Frontpage for basic programming along with EZGenerator website building software to make the best use of website templates that would help me incorporate all the popular culture elements I have mentioned above. I would take help from softwares like CoffeeCup, Ewisoft Website Builder, EasyWebEditor and Adobe Dreamweaver to make my website attractive and interesting to visit. I would like to incorporate beautifully created and colorful website icons in my

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