Sunday, October 20, 2019

Hiv / Aids And Discrimination Essay -- AIDS, HIV, Immunodeficiency, Tube

5/3/16 English Professor HIV/AIDS and Discrimination Today AIDS still affects both men and women, predominantly African American women. AIDS was originated in Africa. As of today people can live with AIDS as opposed to years before they had the proper medication to treat AIDS, but keep in mind their is still no cure as of yet. It has been a worldwide disease that federal officials and associations tried to make up laws and ways to prevent the transmission of AIDS. According to HIV/AIDS website, HIV is a virus that attacks cells in body’s immune system. HIV stands for human immunodeficiency virus. The transmission of HIV can be transmitted through sexual intercourse both anal and vaginal sex without using a condom. Also another way to transmit HIV is by sharing needles for drugs or any use of injections in the blood. Unlike some viruses HIV cannot be rid of, you have it for life. Untreated HIV can result to the disease of AIDS ( acquired immunodeficiency disease). According to the World Health Organization (WHO) there are app roximately 36.9 million people worldwide who are living with AIDS at the end 2014. The disease AIDS has caused the federal government, along with the Olympic Organization, and Sport Organizations change the antidiscrimination laws. The changes have resulted in the creation of the American Disability Act, Rehabilitation Act applying to athletes, and providing education programs. The athletes Earwin â€Å"Magic† Johnson, Tommy Morrison, and Greg Louganis. These athletes are HIV positive and faced discrimination because of the disease. After Magic’s announcement that he was HIV, the discussion was if he would continue to play basketball. Fellow basketball players discussed ... ... middle of paper ... an AIDS specialist come to educate and provide training for the teams. In some of the professional leagues a rookie is required to attend an orientation, that discusses financial management, handling the media, and HIV/AIDS. Magic Johnson helps to end discrimination amongst athletes and spokesman of AIDS prevention. Therefore, players that are being educated of HIV/ AIDS will understand the precautions of transmission and the knowledge will be taken throughout their careers. In conclusion, there should be no discrimination against athletes who are HIV/AIDS infected. Athletes who are infected are capable to participate in competitions, but will always be risk of transmission, although it 's possible to keep the risk very small for the other athletes who are not infected. The laws that were created to protect every individual to avoid being turned away by anyone.

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