Monday, August 26, 2019

Cultural Nursing Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Cultural Nursing - Research Paper Example Since 1960s, leaders in nursing have continuously recognized the need for nursing schools to educate students on how to provide cultural care to the people. Educating graduates on transcultural care has enabled them sharpen their nursing skill which are needed in the society. The provision of care is not only limited to hospitals and health centers but requires nurses to be equipped with the knowhow to go to the villages to provide cultural care. The recruitment of graduates well trained with transcultural nursing skills significantly improved the services offered by the nurses to people with diverse cultural backgrounds. Many nurses worldwide have been trained to provide effective culturally harmonious care. The need for cultural care in the twenty-first century has increased the offering of courses in transcultural nursing both at the undergraduate and graduate level. Transcultural nursing has also been recognized and incorporated as a fundamental program element and accrediting ag encies are expected to be competent. A faculty has also been prepared under transcultural nursing with an aim of addressing cultural care issues. The application of the transcultural nursing research based knowledge is available today. ... Research in the entire world has demonstrated the appeal and applicability of the theory across various cultural backgrounds. Transcultural nursing has grown internationally and this is a clear indicator that the nurses are committed to including cultural care in their profession. They had embraced diversity unlike in the past when the concept of transcultural care was being introduced. (Luckmann, 1999, p. 57). Principles of transcultural nursing have been recognized in the entire world nowadays. The volatility and dynamism experienced in the past while addressing nursing care as citizens, educators, clinicians and researchers has changed. Transcultural nursing has opened an opportunity for people to engage, speak, debate, develop, grow, deliberate and contemplate on cultural issues and their diversities. The awareness on cultural care as a reasonable area of study has opened avenues for nurses to conduct research on cultural issues. Cultural aspects such as nursing, health, sickness and health care are being researched in different cultures. Transcultural nursing is made up of four main sections currently: Culture and health, mental health, globalization and cardiovascular health. When dealing with transcultural nursing, the impacts of migration, globalization, social inequity, colonization and health technology and management play a crucial role. Cultures keep on changing and thus there is a need for the nurses to invent knew ideas and methodologies on how to cope up with the cultural changes. Cultural care has forced the education sector to change its curriculum to cater for the new cultural beliefs and practices. It is only through this that

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