Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Globalisation of ICTs- Positive and Negative Impacts Essay

Globalisation of ICTs- Positive and Negative Impacts - Essay Example ICTs have been implemented by a number of nations with the view to promote their economic and social development. ICTs have proved to be the most beneficial in promoting equity and social justice, overall development of the nation, empowering the youth and the disadvantaged groups. The system has proved to extremely beneficial in ways of processing data at a fast speed. This saves much of the human effort. Human beings lose concentration and get tired of undertaking repetitive tasks. Machinery can perform the same task more efficiently with double speed saving much of the human effort (Ministry of Information and Communications, 2006, p.5). ICTs are increasingly linked to organizational value. But it has been criticised on a number of grounds. Research has been conducted to examine the role of ICTs in a more integrated manner. Current research has shown that ICTs have benefitted organizations in a positive way. â€Å"ICTs have value to organizational advantage† (Rastrick & Cor ner, 2010, p.2). Resource Based Advantage (RBA) asserts that owning and controlling strategic resources determines whether organizations will earn better profits as compared to others. RBA also ensures that certain combination of resources adds to the competitive advantage of organizations. These resources constitute market orientation, innovation, entrepreneurship and also organizational learning. ICTs have played a huge role in enhancing efficiencies of the above resources to a considerable extent.  

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