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Eggettes Restaurant in San Francisco Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2250 words

Eggettes Restaurant in San Francisco - Essay Example Recommendations Operating in a competitive environment, Eggettes should adopt strategies that would make it more competitive. As such, the restaurant should include delivery services in its operations so as to compete with other similar restaurants like Waffle. Introduction of waiter services would also ensure that service in the restaurant becomes faster and efficient especially for the mixologist who has to get orders from customers and make them their desired drinks on top of other duties performed concurrently. Being an internet cafe, the management should make use of this capacity to automate its employee scheduling. Employees should be able to book their off days online and the store owner works on it. This would make this operation more effective and simpler for the store owner. Section I – Introduction Eggettes is an average class fast food restaurant in San Francisco, 3136 Noriega Street in the Outer Sunset neighborhood hence providing ample parking to its customers w hich is offered free in front of the restaurant. It serves different kinds of Chinese fast foods and desserts and beverages including tea and coffee. The restaurant operates between 11 am and 10 pm from Sunday to Thursday and 11 am to 11 pm on Fridays and Saturdays. This internet cafe has the capacity and ability to handle group customers who could perhaps choose to have a biting in the restaurant as they hold their meetings. Though it does not offer delivery services, waiter service or allow for outdoor sitting, it has take-out services. The restaurant does not accept credit cards and does not allow for reservations (Eggettes 2009). But the restaurant offers various benefits to its... The study involved qualitative analysis of the desired employees’ attributes and the practice in scheduling employees. As such, qualitative data was collected through observation and engagement with the respective employees, particularly the mixologist and the store owner. These data were then analyzed and then conclusions and recommendations were made. This report makes a conclusion that waiter services would go a long way in ensuring high customer service levels are attained. The tasks that a mixologist for instance has to accomplish are too much and in as much as such workers are meant to ensure customer satisfaction, fatigue could hinder them from fully accomplishing this. Waiter services could considerably reduce the one minute standard waiting period for customers. It would even attract more customers who seek to be served. Caution should be taken however to ensure that the waiters and those preparing orders like the mixologist understand each other so as not to disappoint customers with serving below their expectations. Due to the availability of internet in the restaurant, the store owner should consider introducing a computerized duty scheduler. When an employee logs in and books a specific off duty date, the date automatically becomes unavailable to other employees. This should relay to the restaurant’s server and a ccessible to the store owner. It would thus be easier planning the monthly schedule of how employees would have their off duty days.

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